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AI investor and author Antti Merilehto joins Houston Analytics

Jan 20, 2020 4:44:43 PM

As 2020 is getting to full pace, Houston Analytics is happy to share the news that we will have a Chief Growth Officer! Antti Merilehto will join us effective immediately. Antti is ex-Googler, bestselling author on artificial intelligence, keynote speaker and investor in AI companies.


The role of Chief Growth Officer is new for us and even for many businesses. In an environment where customer needs are changing rapidly, it is very important to be tightly connected to our clients. 

The purpose of a Chief Growth Officer role at Houston Analytics is to make sure that we have the right culture and the matching rhythm to deliver growth. Antti will be aligning marketing, communications and sales with the product teams together with a strong customer focus, so that we are able to build products and services that clients not only want - but after they have used those - they can't live without. 

“I'm super excited to join Houston Analytics at this moment. My background is in business. I've been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years, also working in sales at Google and other companies. In recent years I've been working with artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics, investing in AI and also writing books on the topic.

The position where Houston Analytics is today, where we as an industry are today, is unique. Our capabilities in advanced analytics and optimization are first class even at Global scale. The clients are soon ready to use advanced analytics and we are ready and well positioned to serve them.

Growth role could be described in one sentence as follows: find bottlenecks to growth and open those. Whatever is keeping any member of our team to be at their very best, we need to find a fast way to act and move on.”

Houston Analytics will start operations both in the US and DACH regions during H1 2020.

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