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Generative AI is an opportunity for the CPG industry

Jan 18, 2024 4:39:07 PM

In the early 2000s, the grocery sector heavily leaned on AC Nielsen's ScanTrack data for critical decisions in assortment, pricing, and promotions. This was a global trend. This data became a universal language in the industry, clarifying market trends and consumer preferences.

From 2010 to 2020, we saw a shift. Data sharing became more direct within the industry, benefiting those who could effectively integrate and use this data for decision-making.

However, despite the increased access to retail sales data in recent years, many in the industry still face challenges. Some lack resources to fully utilize this data, while others struggle to transform it into actionable insights. Traditional reporting methods often fall short in capturing local market demands.

It's clear that just having market and sales data isn't enough. Effective decision-making requires a holistic data model. This model should combine various data sets, reflecting regional demand and supply nuances. It’s also crucial to link this model to an analytics and optimization framework, providing future insights and strategic guidance.

This approach allows for easy exploration of options and scenarios through user-friendly interfaces and dashboards, making advanced data-driven decision-making accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise.

As we embrace the 2020s, the forefront of innovation lies in linking robust knowledge bases with powerful analytics that meet decision-making needs. The advent of artificial intelligence, especially generative AI, is a game-changer, offering solutions that level the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

Generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT and now Microsoft's Copilot, is revolutionizing the retail sector. It simplifies the use of analytics and data, removing the need for deep knowledge of category metrics or complex tool mastery. Users can make optimal decisions through simple dialogues with AI interfaces, focusing on understanding product selections and pricing from their own and their customers' viewpoints.

AI transforms planning for assortments, pricing, and promotions into an interactive process. It allows for comparing scenarios and compiling justifications for decisions from various stakeholder perspectives.

If your goal is to boost sales and revenue and to better identify growth strategies, now is the time to delve into generative artificial intelligence. This AI era enables consistent, smart decision-making and uncovers new success strategies in competitive markets. Those leveraging AI are poised to become top decision-makers in their fields.

Generative AI is not just changing how we decide on assortment, pricing, and promotions. It's reshaping how we develop our businesses, enhancing efficiency, and elevating profitability to new heights.

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